About this Book

When Dr. Günter Kisselbach found a relatively unknown Leica prototype, "Barnack's handmade prototype" in his father's Leica collection, the history of development of the 35mm camera from Wetzlar had long been written.

Fortunately, the wealth of established knowledge did not deter the photography enthusiast from finding out himself that substantial "blind spots" still existed in the source area of the Leica history. His fascinating report of his experience with the camera proves conclusively what this early personal model belonging to its inventor Oskar Barnack was capable of achieving.

This book provides answers to intriguing questions:

  • What happened to Oskar Barnack's forgotten test camera?
  • What technical secrets does this camera hold?
  • Can it still be used to take photos?
  • What is its position in the Leica lineage?

The layout of the e-book "Barnack's First Leica" corresponds to the German edition "Barnacks erste Leica" (ISBN 978-3-89506-282-7).
 The e-book has been produced with the same high quality so that the photographs in particular can realize their full impact.

Hans-Günter Kisselbach

About the Author

Dr. med. Hans-Günter Kisselbach was born in 1950, and is an ENT specialist living in Wetzlar. A member of the Leica Historica society for many years and the son of author Theo Kisselbach, he has been passionate about photography and the Leica from an early age.

His idea of testing a modern color film in "Barnack's first Leica" led to intensive activity with this camera, with which he became increasingly fascinated and which accompanied him over the next 4 years. This book is the result of his work.

Barnack's First Leica

An intruiging eBook about a unique prototype camera - handcrafted by Oskar Barnack, the inventor of the Leica.