Barnack's First Leica

The "first Leica" - called Handmuster - was handcrafted by its inventor Oskar Barnack at the beginning of the 1920s.

Out of this prototype camera and after a few improvements the Leica as we know it was born and an impressive success story began.

Magnum-Photo in Wetzlar


In spring of 2011 Leica and Magnum refreshed their long standing cooperation and have begun a technological and photographic collaboration, titled Past Present Future, that will build upon almost a century’s worth of shared history.

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Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2012

Leica Oskar Barnack Preis 2012

Frank Hallam Day of the USA is the winner of the “Oskar Barnack Award” in 2012, named after the inventor of the Leica. His photo series titled “Alumascapes” won over the Jury around the Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden.

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Leica-History – Excellence from Wetzlar

Ernst Leitz II. mit Söhnen Ernst und Ludwig

Leica – a term that conjures up many a covetous gleam in the eye. After all, it is not just any camera, but the miniature camera, which in the Twenties revolutionized the world of photography. The history of the company that brought the Leitz camera on the market began in 1869 in Wetzlar: There, Ernst [...]

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Exhibition Launch of “Bild einer Stadt” a Great Success

Wetzlar - Bild einer Stadt

The official lauch of the exhibition “Wetzlar – Bild einer Stadt” (“Wetzlar – A City’s Image”) took place on 30 May at 8pm. Original prints (vintage prints) by Hans Saebens are displayed in the exhibition in celebration of the Hessentag 2012. The exhibition is open from 1 to 10 June, entrance is free.

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Exhibition and Book Sale During Hessentag

Ausstellung Barnacks erste Leica zum Hessentag 2012

As a special offer during the Hessentag 2012 in Wetzlar, Hans-Günter Kisselbach sells his book “Barnack's First Leica” at a reduced price. The sale takes place from 1 to 10 June 2012 in Hintergasse 13 (Möbelhaus Schmidt, Wetzlar) between Polizei-Bistro and Langgasse. The author is available for discussions and signs the book upon request.

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Photo Exhibition: Wetzlar – Bild einer Stadt

Fotoaustellung: Wetzlar - Bild einer Stadt

Unter dem Titel „Wetzlar – Bild einer Stadt“ werden im Rahmen einer Fotoaustellung vom 01.06. bis 10.06.2012 Leica-Aufnahmen von Hans Saebens gezeigt.

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