Readers’ Reviews

I can’t describe how breathtaking and awe-inspiring the printed photographs are that were taken with this really historical camera from about 1920. (translated from German)

G. Laqua (5 Sterne), 2011-06-09

The book was a gift for someone who has a personal relationship with Leica and Leica cameras. He was so enthusiastic about it that he gave the same book to another Leica fan as a birthday gift. (translated from German)

F. Dagmar (5 Sterne), 2011-02-13

I think us LEICA-fans have to thank Dr. Kisselbach for his work. (translated from German)


Horst W.
L-Camera Forum , 2009-01-25

I acquired the book as soon as it was published and devoured it immediately. Thanks to Dr. Kisselbach who followed in the footsteps of his famous father Theo. (translated from German)

Gerd H.
L-Camera Forum , 2009-01-25

I can only agree with the book recommendation. The best book among what has been published about LEICA over the past years. An absolute Must-Have for every LEICA-aficionado. (translated from German)

L-Camera Forum , 2009-01-25

Beautiful tome. Get a hold of one quickly! (translated from German)

L-Camera Forum , 2009-01-25

A highly interesting reading. Anyone who is interested in photography, technology and photo art can benefit from it. (translated from German)

Luiz Roberto de Assis, Sao Paulo
Letter , 2009-01-02

Barnack's First Leica” shouldn’t be missing in any LEICA collection.

The book is emotionally very charging. (translated from German)


L-Camera Forum , 2008-09-30

I find this a very beautiful and felicitous book, essentially it contains something interesting for everyone. (translated from German)

L-Camera Forum , 2008-09-29

I browsed through the book at Lindemanns (at Photokina 2008, author’s note). I had to get it immediately. (translated from German)

L-Camera Forum , 2008-09-28

The book is really brilliant. (translated from German)

Rainer N., Rain
Letter , 2008-09-26

Already a first glance at the book rendered all tasks of the day, until then non-delayable,  circumstantial!

You kept an important chapter of the Leica history from being forgotten! (translated from German)

Richard H., Trier
Letter , 2008-09-07

An ambitious project and an absolutely beautiful book! (translated from German)

Oscar, Rochester, NY, USA
Letter , 2008-08-06

An outstanding book! (translated from German)

Rolf F., Rochester, NY, USA
Letter , 2008-08-06

I want to congratulate you for your impressive piece of work. (translated from German)

Paul-Henry, London
Letter , 2008-06-19

Congratulations on your book! Never before have I read a text about a camera that described so well and with so much feeling the usage and the correlated experiences.

[Your book] fascinated me in such a fashion, that I continued reading it over the past two days in any free minute. Your piece of work truly wowed me. (translated from German)

Claus W., Tübingen
Letter , 2008-06-16