Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents
  1. At home in Leica-Town Wetzlar
  2. Theo Kisselbach: Leica Expert – Photography Instructor – Book Author
  3. The Exhibition of 1979 in Celebration of Oskar Barnack’s 100th Birthday and “Barnack’s Handmuster”
  4. Ceremonial Speech for Oskar Barnack’s 100th Birthday
  5. 20 Years later …
  6. Time for Oskar Barnack
  7. The Clamp Body Freewheel Clutch
  8. Treasure Hunting – Gallusmarkt Wetzlar – Fox Hunting near Wetzlar – Farmer’s Market in Gießen
  9. A Visit at Ottmar Michaely’s “Wetzlar’s Precision Engineering”
  10. An Afternoon in Darmstadt – Model Shoot with Vera – Dancing Tournament in Wetzlar – A Weekend in Berlin
  11. A Time to Make Friends. FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany
  12. Ochsenfest 2006 in Wetzlar and Oskar Barnack – Hot Air Balloon Glow
  13. Back to the Initial Idea. An Invitation to Visit the Leica-Town of Wetzlar
  14. Seeking Traces
  15. Photo Selection, Impressions and a Resume
  16. Picture Credits, Acknowlegments, Imprint