Exhibition and Book Sale During Hessentag

Ausstellung Barnacks erste Leica zum Hessentag 2012

As a special offer during the Hessentag 2012 in Wetzlar, Hans-Günter Kisselbach sells his book “Barnack's First Leica” at a reduced price. The sale takes place from 1 to 10 June 2012 in Hintergasse 13 (Möbelhaus Schmidt, Wetzlar) between Polizei-Bistro and Langgasse. The author is available for discussions and signs the book upon request.

In addition, Hans-Günter Kisselbach shows an exhibition of pictures taken with Barnack’s Handmuster, both in color and black and white. He also displays a number of historical cameras and photographic tools among them an original plate camera. Entrance to the exhibition is free.

Vitrine im Schaufenster

Display Cabinet


Original Fotodrucke aufgenommen mit Barnacks Handmuster

Original photo prints, taken with Barnack’s Handmuster


Hans-Günter Kisselbach signiert ein Exemplar seines Buchs

Hans-Günter Kisselbach signs one of his books


Stadtverordnetenvorsteher Udo Volck vor „Barnacks Schreibtisch“

Udo Volck, Head of Wetzlar’s Town Council, in front of “Barnack’s workbench”


Eine Besucherin stöbert im Buch „Barnacks erste Leica“

A visitor is browsing the book “Barnack’s First Leica”


Thomas Heyer, Sibylle Pfeiffer und Dr. Hans-Günter Kisselbach

Thomas Heyer (Steering Committee Hessentag), Sibylle Pfeiffer (German MP) and Dr. Hans-Günter Kisselbach