Leica-History – Excellence from Wetzlar

Ernst Leitz II. mit Söhnen Ernst und Ludwig

Leica – a term that conjures up many a covetous gleam in the eye. After all, it is not just any camera, but the miniature camera, which in the Twenties revolutionized the world of photography. The history of the company that brought the Leitz camera on the market began in 1869 in Wetzlar: There, Ernst Leitz I took over the small optical workshop of Carl Kellner, that had specialized in building microscopes.

Knut Kühn-Leitz, great-grandson of Ernst Leitz I tells in the film how his great-grandfather and his grandfather, who took over the company in 1920, created a very special corporate culture: socially responsible, creative, humane, engaging – characteristics that should dominate the actions of Ernst Leitz II even during the Nazi regime.

Source: HR3 Online, YouTube