Press Reviews

Author signs Leica Book

This extraordinary book is now available for a reduced price during the Hessentag [...].

[...] at Hintergasse 13, Kisselbach also exhibits very interesting photographic tools, historic pictures and many photographs from his book. (translated from German)

Wetzlarer Neue Zeitung
Termine, Wetzlar, Page 23, 2012-06-04

A remarkable success for Hans-Günter Kisselbach from Wetzlar and his book “Barnack's First Leica”. The book was granted the distinction “Nominated 2009″ in the “German Photography Book Award” of the German Book Trade Association. (translated from German)

Wetzlarer Neue Zeitung
Leute, Leute!, Page 17, 2008-12-20

[...] Dr. Hans-Günter Kisselbach [...] published a beautiful coffee table book that is nostalgic as much as current. In his father’s (Theo Kisselbach, author’s note) collection he discovered a camera handcrafted by Oskar Barnack, dating even earlier than the 0-Series.


This love story – it’s nothing else really – is told by the physician in a pleasant and unpretentious tone and in all detail.


And even the reader who never held a Leica in own hands would now surely start to understand why collectors and photographers are so crazy about this camera. (translated from German)

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Nr. 223, Page T2, 2008-09-23

A Leica-Book Extraordinaire

[...] how he succeeded in altering Barnacks first Leica into a fully functional camera again without modifying its innards reads almost like a detective story. The technically inclined reader will find such sections and other details about this unique camera absolute tidbits. The historians will value the double sided “larger than life” illustrations of the camera an important source for the exploration of the development of the Leica camera. (translated from German)

Leica Historica
Recension by Alfred Wehner, 2008-07-01

The professionally designed large format book doesn’t stop at describing this camera though. It is much more than the typical collector’s book. (translated from German)

The book describes in detail and with brilliant pictures this historical camera and shows a large number of previously unpublished documents, among then handwritten notes and illustrations by Oskar Barnack – including some about the “Leica II”.

The truly extraordinary feature of this book is, however, that the author dared to re-activate this old camera in order to take it along on his photographic journeys. The pictures from those journeys are shown in the book and the author tells many amusing, informative and at times adventurous stories he experienced with “Barnack’s Handmuster”. (translated from German)

Wetzlarer Neue Zeitung
Martin Lugauer, Wetzlar und Umland, Page 17, 2008-06-13